The Picture Perfect Purloiner Bongage DVD


It's a Rope n' Gag caper - Sexy big busted Amber Michaels plays the perfect thief and young Sadie Atkins the hapless art gallery salesgirl. Amber claims to be the representative of a billionaire art collector interested in purchasing many of the gallery's rare erotic paintings. Sadie bends over backwards in order to please her potential patron and the hilarious turn-of-events causes her to get tied up by Amber many times (each with a different excuse) never suspecting she's restrained so that Amber can pilfer the gallery's collection. Find out if Sadie ever wises up and catches the purloiner in the act! Following is a sizzling new story, 'The Slumber Party Self-Tie', in which Julie Simone shows her naïve overnight lingerie-clad guest (Cara Ryan) the highly erotic art of being subdued by ropes. Then the amazingly talented Julie ties herself up - into a hogtie! Detail : Runtime : 70 minutes Street Date : 03/02/2009 Stars : Amber Michaels, Sadie Atkins, Julie Simone, Cara Ryan
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